Odd Wedding Dream

(March 2015)

I had an odd dream the other night.  


In my sleep, I imagined that my boyfriend and I decided to have a Disney themed wedding.  I am very theatrical, but I would never plan for the following to happen in real life.
Everyone in the wedding party were dressed up as a popular Disney characters.  
My mother, a petite woman with short black hair who loves to sing, represented Snow White so wore a yellow and blue coloured dress with a long red cape.  My two birds sat on her right shoulder, behaving.  A random brown bunny on a leash hopped down the church aisle as my mother walked towards the alter.
My sister represented Bell, from Beauty and the Beast.  She wore the same nice yellow ball dress Bell wore during her fancy dinner with the Beast. She had her long brown hair halfway up, and the rest rested nicely on her shoulders; they had been curled.  She held a pretty red rose in her hands.
My best friend, who has Asian features, was dressed as Mulan.  She had the same Chinese dress and white faced makeup that the character wore after seeing the matchmaker in the movie.  She also wore a pink flower in her black hair and held a small metallic cage with a cricket inside.
My boyfriend's sister started off as princess Aurora, wearing a golden tiara on her head and a long half pink-half blue dress.  Her dark hair did not fit with the blond character, so my  subconscious changed it's mind and my boyfriend's sister magically transformed into princess Jasmine.  She wore an Arabic blue outfit that showed off a pregnant belly.  She had accessorized with large triangular golden earrings, plus golden elastics in her long hair. Extensions had been put in.  I guess this would be a good time to mention the large tame tiger she had with her.
My boyfriend's niece, who will be turning two years old soon, walked down the isle wearing the same purple and grey monster costume Boo wore in the computer animated movie Monster's Inc.  Getting aggravated at not being able to see properly, she removed the top part where the mop hair and two eyes dangling from cords where attached.  You could then see that her dark hair was up in pigtales.
There was less focus on the groomsmen.  I don't even know who the majority of them were in real life, but I briefly remember most of them being dressed exactly like the Disney princes to match the bridesmaids.  So, there was Snow White's nameless prince, the beast, and Aladdin in his prince Ali outfit.  There was also Captan Li Shang facing the make belief Mulan.  I laugh at the thought of me imagining my tall teenage son in a green round one-eyed monster suit.  I guess little Boo inspired that thought process.     
As for myself, I had dyed my long natural red hair blond and had it all up in a tight bun.  Although my favourite Disney character is Tinkerbell, I did not wear a short green dress or have wings.  I had a light blue ball gown on plus one glass slipper.  My boyfriend had the other shoe, and slipped it on my right foot once I reached him.   He wore the same outfit as Cinderella's prince charming, so red pants and a white top with yellow pads on each shoulder.  
I woke up wondering what that was all about.  Perhaps I should pull a prank and pretend this is what I want?  ;)