Really Not Alone (Sequel to Not Alone)

Really Not Alone (Sequel to Not Alone)


All the positive comments and high ratings for the feel good book Not Alone led to this sequel.


Harmony Goodhumor continues to tell the story of her life in the first person, allowing the reader to feel like they are either inside her mind or reading her diary.


The main character becomes close to family members she once had issues with, moves in with the love of her life, and explores parts of Canada during an organised trip with her son and fiancé as well as during her honeymoon.


Although there once was a time in Harmony's life where she felt alone, during the year- long wedding preparations she becomes aware that she is really not alone.


Book is available to purchase on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle:


My books Not Alone and Really Not Alone were featured in the February 6th 2015 issue of The Suburban online magazine. Here is the link to the archived magazine.